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The Next Generation of Scapegoats

We all know what happens when C. Virginia Fields screws up and she needs a patsy.

So we thought it quite odd when we noticed MSHC Partners poking around our little blog in the last few days.

But it all made sense when yesterday's New York Post reported that the Virginia Fields campaign had replaced the scapegoated Winning Directions with this new direct mail outfit, based primarily in Washington and San Francisco.

Presumably, MSHC was hired -- not only to drain what's left of the Fields' campaign bank account -- to produce literature and mailing pieces to try to convince New Yorkers that Virginia Fields has a chance in hell of being our next mayor.

So we're guessing that MSHC wants to see what's possible with Adobe Photoshop. While they wouldn't dare use the two infamous Asians or Trudy Mason again, we thought we could give MSFC Partners some ideas
... using their own staff photos as mock-ups (and a few other faces for fill). All they have to do now is obliterate their own faces and insert
some diversity.

And we would love to be a fly on the wall when they explain to the Fields people why they were spending time on this blog instead of trying like hell to come up with some convincing drivel for the campaign. Heck, maybe they can pitch to the campaign the idea that
Fields is inclusive, eh?