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Campaign Board to Fields: You're Fined!

Below are excerpts from the NYC Campaign Finance Board press release:

For immediate release

July 20, 2007 -- During a regularly scheduled meeting today, the Campaign Finance Board assessed separate penalties against eight campaigns.

Penalties were assessed against six City Council candidates from the 2005 election: Alicka Ampry-Samuel, William Boyland, James Gennaro, Eric Gioia, Joyce Johnson and James Sanders. Penalties were also assessed against one 2005 candidate for Bronx borough president, Adolfo Carrion, and C. Virginia Fields, a 2005 candidate for mayor. For a complete list, see below.

Candidate Office Violation Assessed Penalty Total Assessed Penalties
Fields, C. Virginia
Mayor Failure to respond to Draft Audit in a timely fashion (112 days late) $43,800 $70,567
$15,050 over-the-limit contribution $10,000
$2,550 over-the-limit contribution $2,800
$1,050 over-the-limit contribution $1,300
$50 over-the-limit contribution $300
Failing to report in-kind contributions $550
Failing to adequately document in-kind contributions $200
Filing Statement 3 (1) day late $400
Filing Statement 5 (1) day late $400
Failing to report, or demonstrate the absence of, subcontractors $750
$57,272 in non-campaign related and impermissible post-election expenditures $5,727
5.90% monetary disbursements variance $1,000
Failing to report a transfer $50
Maintaining a petty cash fund balance in excess of $500 $250
Failing to file contemporaneous pre-election disclosure statements $250
Failing to document expenditures $250
Failing to submit a family member information form $50
Corporate contributions $1,040
"Single-source" over-the-limit contributions $1,250
Failing to provide a signed intermediary statement $200