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Update: Fields Continues Avoiding Campaign Finance Rules

While New York State government may be the most foul this side of Baghdad, the one thing Albany bureaucrats do get serious about is Campaign Finance Disclosure.

As indicated from our January 22 report, C. Virginia Fields and her campaign committees were required to submit reports on January 15, 2007 updating contributions received, expenditures and other details. To date they have not done so, making them almost two weeks late.

So did they just forget? According to the New York State Board of Elections, a letter was scheduled to go out to Milton Wilson, Treasurer of the Fields' campaigns on or around January 22nd, reminding him of the January 15th deadline, and giving him five days to comply.

While the NYS BOE was not able to clarify if the sky would fall after five days, they did say that if Ms. Fields' non-compliance was not resolved within a few weeks, there could be escalating fines and other penalties.

Not only would they be required the pay the fines and other costs associated with the non-compliance, reported the Board of Elections, they would ultimately have to file the report as well.