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Fields get whalloped for $70K

This ditty appeared on the Observer's Politicker late on a Friday in the dead of summer's dog days. Were they trying to bury the news, or is Virginia Fields that irrelevent these days?

Fields also failed to submit the required January 15th and July 15th 2007 Periodic Reports with the State Board of Elections. We don't know if she ever paid the city back for her use of the city car and driver, as she promised to do.

The last time we looked, her Mayoral campaign treasury had zeroed out, meaning the money to pay the fine has to come from, well, elsewhere.

Virginia Fields Fined $70K
The Politicker
Friday, 07/20/2007 2:00 PM
by Azi Paybarah

The city Campaign Finance Board just announced its latest round of fines, with Virginia Fields leading the pack.

Fields' 2005 mayoral campaign was fined $70,567, mostly for not responding to a draft audit in a timely fashion (112 days late!). She was also fined $5,727 for spending $57,272 on "non-campaign related and impermissible post-election expenditures."

Other notable fines: Adolfo Carrion's 2005 campaign for Bronx Borough President was fined $6,875, mostly for accepting over-the-limit contributions. Eric Gioia was fined $5,050, mostly for the same reason.