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Fields owes an additional $337,340

The C. Virginia Fields campaign must pay a total of $407,907 back to the NYC Campaign Finance Board, according to the CFB audit released August 1st.

In addition to the $70,567 fine (which Ms. Fields can be held personally liable), the Campaign Finance Board wants the Fields campaign to return $337,340 in overpaid public matching funds.

According to the CFB, if the additional money is not returned, they may publicize the campaign's recalcitrance on the CFB web site, and they may seek the money through the filing of a civil action in court.

More over, Ms. Fields would be ineligible to receive any additional public matching funds should she ever run for an office under the jurisdiction of the NYC Campaign Finance Board (does not include state or federal offices).

Ms. Fields claimed she could be a responsible steward of the NYC 50 billion budget. However, the audit shows an apparent slothness in keeping track of multiple $10 expenditures.