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Did Virginia Fields lie about her age?

Happy Birthday to C. Virginia Fields on August 4th. The only question is, which birthday is it: 60th or 61st?

According to the Political Graveyard and many news reports, C. Virginia Fields was born August 4, 1946 making her 60 on August 4, 2006.

But campaign watchers remember her well-publicised 60th Birthday Fund Raising bash on August 4, 2005 ... when she would have been only 59 years old!

"Please join me on Monday, August 8, 2005 as I celebrate my fabulous 60th birthday ... Tickets start at $160 per person ... As I mark this milestone year, my life experiences and time in government have shaped my vision of making New York City a city of inclusion and opportunity for all New Yorkers." So read the invitation.

Why the lie? Some may think that some women lie about their age, but that's usually to make them appear younger, not older as in this case. Perhaps a fund raising event would not have been so interesting if it was for boring old 59 years.

Just a little fib. Just like Photo-gate (but she can't blame Joe Mercurio on this one). And she wanted to be Mayor. Balls Balls Balls.