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Driving Ms. Fields

Flashback to this December 26, 2005 report from the New York Post:

"In the first two days of the transit strike, only emergency vehicles were allowed on Fifth and Madison avenues under Mayor Bloomberg's contingency plan. Those rules apparently applied to all Manhattan drivers except the borough's president, C. Virginia Fields, according to our City Hall correspondent Stefan C. Friedman. An eagle-eyed spy caught Fields, the former mayoral hopeful who will be term-limited out of office in fewer than 10 days, sitting in the back of her city car as her driver took her down Fifth Avenue last Wednesday with "every one of the lights going." The emergency? Fields was "doing an assessment of how the transit strike was impacting the businesses on Fifth, Madison and First Avenues," according to spokesman Charles Walker. We eagerly await Fields' report before she moves out of city government on Jan. 1."