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Sam Roberts coddles Gin; gets Mush

There's one thing any New York City politician knows: when you can't answer the hard questions (or refuse to answer the soft questions), you change the interviewer. So too C. Virginia Fields; after striking-out in a WCBS Andrew Kitzman interview in April, she rushed down to Chelsea to be coddled by the New York Times' Sam Roberts. Hard questions are rarely heard in the NY Times-sponsored New York Close-up on NY1 News. Roberts just nods and soaks it in while allowing the candidate to blather on. Perhaps he's just being kind.

So Thursday she trekked to Chelsea again.

It wasn't me; it was them. Nod. I can be the inclusive Mayor. Nod. Not intended to mislead. Nod. I have deep support. Nod. And so on. You can listen to the audio here (.mp3 file, 9 minutes, about 4 megs).

It's all been addressed, etc.! Steps were taken, etc.! Action, etc! We're competitive, etc. We're focused, etc. It's all a distraction, etc. They believe in my vision, etc.

"I am still opposed to a stadium"

Since when?

Note: When the Fields' MBP website goes down around January 1, 2006, click below for her press release on the stadium.

Note: photo stolen, photoshopped, and is not intended to mislead, trick or confuse Sam Roberts.

September 18, 2000


"I am shocked and angered by the Mayor continues to put forth the proposal to build a new sports stadium on the West Side of Manhattan. "The Mayor has said that he is currently reviewing proposals from and meeting with several sports teams, including the Jets.

"I continue to be in opposition to a 'stand alone' stadium, but would support the construction of a stadium for the 2012 Olympics if it were built as part of other structures that would ultimately benefit New York City. Additionally, I am preparing to release my own request for proposals on ways to use the vast amounts of property available on the West Side, such as the development of affordable housing, a new media center, a bio-tech center and other commercial ventures.

"Yesterday, the Mayor noted that one of the major stumbling blocks to moving the Fulton Fish Market to the Bronx is concern for traffic congestion. This should be the same concern when he proposes placing a stand alone sports stadium on the West Side of Manhattan; traffic congestion would be a nightmare on weekdays and weekends.

"Although, like any New Yorker, I am excited about the possibility of the 2012 Olympics being held in New York City, I want to hear more from the people who would be most affected by such a proposal. That's why I believe all proposals should be reviewed more comprehensively before any final decision is reached "