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Fields interview called "Brutal to watch"

Virginia Fields probably expected easier treatment from Rudy Giuliani's former apologist Andrew Kirtzman, progenitor of NY1's never-a-hard-question Dominic Carter. But her April 17th interview on WCBS-2 Kirtzman & Co. dwelled on just two issues: did she ever call the Diallo shooting a crime (she didn't, but in her mind she always thought it was) and what would she do different policy-wise than Mayor Bloomberg (she could not cite a single thing other than babbling-on about being inclusive).

Later, during the Reporter's Roundtable segment, when Kirtzman asked what they thought of the interview, Wayne Barrett stated the interview itself "was a crime ... I think it killed her ... or she killed herself ... it was brutal to watch the way she danced around the Diallo matter." Also present were Errol Louis (Daily News), Robert George (Post) and Evelyn Hernandez (El Diario).

Listen to the interview here (audio only .mp3 format, 5.1 megs)