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Put the fork in. She's done.

And we were just gearing up for the fun (also working on a number of posts from the January-May period in order to catch up).

But today, citing a "very personal" decision, and that the campaign has "been very draining on me so soon after a very grueling mayoral campaign" (New York Times), Clarabell Virginia Fields decided to drop out of the campaign for state senator.

The news was also reported on the Observer and Daily news blogs.

Fields had just raised a reported $100,000 from a fund raiser at the Yale Club on May 15th and she had hired the Parkside Group (Queens lobbyists with ties to Hillary and Cuomo). She even had a web site being prepared.

But her main opponent, Bill Perkins had secured a growing list of endorsements from Upper West Side Democratic clubs.

With Fields dropping out, Perkins will presumably win the primary and election for state senate.

What is also interesting is that Perkins could be the person to beat for Charlie Rangel's seat when he decides to retire. I'm sure we'll all hear more about this later.

So now Fields will need to get a job. Perhaps Wal-Mart?