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Time to ration those stamps

From the August 8th Daily News (Michael Saul and Maggie Haberman):

Virginia Fields' mayoral campaign fund-raising trip last month to her hometown of Birmingham, Ala., was supposed to generate $25,000. So far, the Manhattan borough president has come nowhere close to that.
She recently reported receiving $4,000 in donations, after spending $1,000 on the trip. "Checks are still coming in from Birmingham supporters," campaign manager Chung Seto said. "We received another $4,000 since the last [campaign finance] filing."

Also see "When the Well Runs Dry"


The only question no one seems to be asking is how could the trip only have cost $1,000? She flew down and back, presumely with some staff, she had to stay somewhere (and if with someone does this have to be an "in-kind" donation), and had at least some expense while there. One thousand dollars just does not sound right...

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