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Once you get Gate...

It wasn't the snappiest of Gates, but the Politicker was first on this front with Head-Gate, describing how WNBC's Tim Minton raised that oft-heard, but still serious question: "Who in the campaign knew what when?" And like many gates, it's not the crime, but the cover-up. This afternoon, Virginia Fields quickly threw together a press conference on the steps of City Hall to place the blame on Winning Directions, her direct mail consultants.

Said Fields, "there is no intent to mislead, trick or confuse the public about any photo that was shown in my literature."

Say what? (many believe the "C" in C. Virginia Fields stands for "confused")

But according to a WABC news report, Fields said she didn't know everyone in the photo -- specifically the two Asians -- or even if they support her candidacy.

Comments for Head-Gate are here.

The WABC news report is here. (.mpg file, about 10 megs)