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Hoarding Time

Those of us old enough know how to wear it on our sleeve - somehow every four years -- announcing to whoever is stupid enough to listen (and to the dwindling few who remember) the hoarding of that McGovern-Eagleton button (McGovern-Shriver doesn't cut it) from 1972.

Or how about that Harold Stassen button (only if you remember Anita Bryant before she was a poster child for Stonewall anger).

Or if you're really lucky, and if you're now part of the Giff Miller's Generation G (usually those that were Howard Dean meet-up kiddies), you might have an Abe Hirschfeld for Senate button.

So if you act quickly, you can find Virginia Fields buttons at rock-bottom prices before they appreciate in value much more than the candidate's platform or her fleeting troops. You can get the button here. Try the refrigerator magnet or the ten-pack.

And got that old Volkswagon beetle that's just itching for something to replace that 1964 Goldwater sticker. That's right, you can be the hit of the Westport cotillion with your own Virginia Fields bumper sticker at only $3.95 by clicking here. But do so only if you remember Chad & Jeremy.

So act today and you can help Virginia Fields raise the $3 million she'll need to beat Anthony Weiner from the embarrassment of fourth place.