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Fields may be inclusive for stock photos, but not real people

The New York Press reports this photo was manufactured by the Virginia Fields campaign:

Normally, when politicians want to demonstrate support from an ethnic group, they whip up some buttons and distribute them to supporters from that demographic. Bloomberg takes the button-cake again this year, with a myriad of political buttons like "Haitians for Bloomberg" and "Jews for Bloomberg" in Hebrew.
But C. Virginia Fields is trying a different tack: Photoshopping the desired minority community directly into her literature. Look closely at the two Asians in the bottom left of this image, supposedly listening intently to one of Fields' multi-culti corner pep talks. Can you say "floating heads"? The Fields campaign may need to work on its outreach in Chinatown, but more urgently it needs a new graphic designer.

And is that Bertha Lewis looking to give Virginia a wet one?

The original article is here.


From what I have been reading about this lady I would not vote for her as our local back alley dog catcher.

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