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What did Fields say in 1999?

Here's what C.V. Fields said in the wake of the Diallo shooting in 1999. Nothing really to complain about ... she speaks of the shooting as a terrible tragedy, that police policies and community relations must be improved and that a full investigation must happen. She did not say the shooting was a crime.

Manhattan Borough President Responds To Diallo Murder
by Michael P. DeMarzo
February 11, 1999
The New York Beacon

Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields stated, "I am outraged and saddened by the shooting death of Amadou Diallo. The bullet-riddled body of Mr. Diallo sadly serves as a reminder that we have much to accomplish in terms of bridging community and police and revising police procedure.

"This young man tried to flee violence and instability, but instead needlessly met his death in the country and city in which he sought refuge.

"I applaud District Attorney Robert Johnson's immediate effort to investigate another alleged case of excessive police force. I anticipate a timely and just resolution to this tragedy.

"No New Yorker, or anyone for that matter, should have to leave their home wondering if their life will be ended by someone designated to protest and serve them. As the leader of this city, the Mayor must vigorously defend the rights of all New York City residents. Crime should plummet, but never at the expense of the civil rights and protections for which so many of us have struggled.

As energetically as civilian crime is targeted, the Police Commissioner must strongly and repeatedly declare that there is absolutely no tolerance for civil rights violations or the use of excessive force. Both police officers and the public deserve the benefit of thorough and extensive training to avoid these tragic situations.

In this city and throughout the nation, quality of life and equality of life must always go hand in hand.