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Subliminable -- I have a plan!

Apparently Fields herself, like Robert George, gets her skewed facts (the alleged $720 million) by reading the Post and nothing else. Why did Fields even respond to George's column other than that she needs a job come January? And she should give the claim of being against the stadium a rest.

Click below to see her response to Robert George:

NY Post
April 11, 2005

Robert George suggests I could gain political capital by supporting a new West Side stadium ("Fields Needs New Dreams," Opinion, April 5).

Thanks. But, no thanks.

I remain convinced a new stadium for the Jets is the wrong use for the West Side rail yards, Manhattan's last frontier for major development.

In November 2001, before Mayor Bloomberg took office, I proposed a blueprint for development of the rail yards. I outlined new housing built on a deck over the yards, office and commercial uses, expansion of the Javits Center to the north, a major public park and the extension of the No. 7 subway line.

I want the Olympics to come to New York City, and I'd love to have the Jets here. But, I agree with Rep. Anthony Weiner that the stadium should be built in Queens.

With a desperate housing shortage and skyrocketing rents, new apartments on the West Side that will benefit New Yorkers 100 percent of the time is better than a stadium that will remain empty 95 percent of the time.

It stands to reason that building housing and a hotel on the West Side and a stadium in Queens would generate at least as many construction jobs as building the stadium on the West Side.

The first deal proposed by the Jets was highway robbery. It would have given away the rail yards for $100 million, and it is astounding that Bloomberg supported the rip-off. The Jets new offer of $720 million is better, but the financing still cheats the city and the MTA.

So, Mr. George, while columnists and pundits rarely change their positions, I urge you to consider making a smart flip-flop and oppose the West Side stadium that you have so forcefully supported. A flip-flop might do wonders to enhance your reputation as a clear thinking fiscal conservative who will do anything to protect taxpayers.

C. Virginia Fields
Borough President