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Bloggers on CVF

We always thought better of Reverend Al, but lately he's been eyeing steroids...

At The Politicker:

In response to Fingering Freddy:

"Too bad Virginia is one of the worst mayoral candidates of all time."
"Fields and Sharpton - perfect together. A candidate with no record and no message beyond her gender and race, coupled with perennial candidate/wanna-be-power broker/philandering "man of the cloth" with no record of his own."

And at the Working Families Blog:

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed...

I noticed a new slogan on C. Virginia Fields' web site: "Let New York be New York Again." Reminds us a bit of John Kerry's toying with a campaign slogan borrowed from Langston Hughes ("Let America Be America Again"). Of course, Fields also has campaign literature bearing the banner, "A Mayor for All New Yorkers" mentioned in the Daily News last week. That slogan was borrowed from Ferrer '01.